Misdemeanor Lawyers in Orlando, Florida

Misdemeanor charges are recognized as less serious charges than felony charges, but they can have a severe impact on your future life and freedom and therefore need to be taken seriously. Misdemeanor charges can result in jail time of one year or less if you are found guilty and they can carry a collateral impact as well. The consequences of a criminal record can have additional burdens for you. For example, having a criminal record can affect your ability to get certain jobs, to work in certain fields, to get professional licenses, or to access certain types of federal or educational aid. Certain types of criminal acts can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the nature of the crime or even at the discretion of the judge during sentencing.

Because sentencing and prosecution can sometimes be discretionary, it can be helpful to have a misdemeanor lawyer like the Law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak in Orlando, Florida on your side. The prospect of facing criminal charges can be frightening and stressful, but you don’t have to navigate the criminal justice system alone. Reach out to the law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak, an Orlando, Florida misdemeanor lawyer in Orlando, Florida today.

If you have been charged with a misdemeanor, you will wish to take steps to protect your reputation and your freedom. If you are facing misdemeanor charges, there might be alternatives available to you. For example, you may be able to participate in certain programs that may be able to get the charges reduced. A misdemeanor lawyer may be able to review the evidence against you, review the circumstances of your arrest, and in some cases, may be able to fight the charges in court. Sometimes individuals plead guilty to crimes they did not commit because they were frightened of having to serve the maximum jail sentence. Unfortunately, sometimes these individuals may not be aware of the strength of the prosecution’s case. Sometimes the evidence may not be strong. In some situations, individuals may be able to get their charges dropped or reduced with appropriate representation.

Unfortunately, court-appointed attorneys may not always have the time to extensively review your case and some court-appointed lawyers may even push for a plea deal because they do not have the time to fight your case or the time to build a strong defense. When your future and reputation are on the line, you need a misdemeanor attorney in Orlando, Florida who can fight for you. Reach out to the Law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak today.

If you have been charged with certain types of minor drug possession, you may be able to seek treatment instead of jail time. The Law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak is a law firm in Orlando, Florida that will be able to assist you with your case. Mr. Lykkebak can review the charges against you, review the evidence the prosecution has gathered, and fight to defend your innocence. We can also identify alternatives and assist you at every step of the way to find a program to defer prosecution and if possible, leave you with a clean record.

Drug Possession: Misdemeanor vs. Felony

Whether you’ll be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony for a drug possession charge will depend on how much of the drug was found in your possession. For example, possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor charge in Florida. On the other hand, if you are found in possession of more than 20 grams, you will face felony charges or even drug trafficking charges.

If you are found with certain types of drugs in your possession, you could well face a felony charge regardless of how much you have in your possession. Drugs like heroin, oxycodone, fentanyl, and cocaine will result in a felony charge, regardless of how much is in your possession. If you are found in possession of more of the same drug, then depending on the drug, you could potentially face more serious drug trafficking charges. Drug trafficking calls for a mandatory state prison sentence.

While marijuana is legal in many states, it remains illegal in Florida except for medical purposes. Individuals found with less than 20 grams of marijuana on their person or in their possession face misdemeanor charges. If you are facing misdemeanor drug possession charges, reach out to the Law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak, a law firm in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Lykkebak will review the circumstances surrounding your arrest, the facts surrounding your stop, and alleged facts surrounding your misdemeanor charges.

In many cases, putting a person in jail for a drug problem or an addiction problem fails to solve the problem and adds a greater burden to society. The Law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak is a misdemeanor law firm in Orlando, Florida that works closely with individuals and the courts to find resolutions that offer avenues for healing and recovery for misdemeanor drug charges. If this is your first misdemeanor charge, or if you are a youth facing a misdemeanor charge for drug possession, you may have options under the law.

Other Examples of Misdemeanors in Florida


Misdemeanors are classified as more or less serious, depending on the nature of the crime believed to have been committed. For example, a first-degree misdemeanor can result in longer jail time (up to one year) than a second-degree misdemeanor (60 days). First degree misdemeanors also generally carry higher fines. First degree misdemeanors can include DUI, boating under the influence, battery, vandalism, shoplifting, or reckless driving. Second degree misdemeanors can include disorderly conduct, disorderly intoxication, driving with a suspended license, simple assault, trespassing, and other violations.

If you are found guilty of a misdemeanor crime, you can face fines and jail time. This also gives rise to a criminal record which can impact your reputation and your future. If you are an immigrant or are in the United States on a visa, a criminal record could likely have an impact on your immigration and your ability to remain in the U.S. A criminal record can also have an impact on various aspects of your life, even for a minor misdemeanor charge.

Do you have questions about your rights after you have been arrested for a misdemeanor? The Law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak is a misdemeanor law firm in Orlando, Florida that may be able to help you. Reach out to our misdemeanor attorney in Orlando, Florida today.

Seek the Assistance of a Misdemeanor Law Firm Today


Navigating the criminal justice system can be incredibly stressful, and the consequences of the outcome can be serious and life-changing. If you’ve been arrested for a crime or if you are facing police questioning, it is important to understand that you are innocent until proven guilty and that you have the right to speak to a lawyer. A lawyer can represent you and counsel you during police questioning or terminate that questioning by asserting your right to remain silent.  A lawyer can work to get the charges dropped or to have evidence dismissed.  Every case is unique.

If you are under arrest or are facing questioning from police, you have the right to tell officers that you wish to remain silent and ask to speak to your attorney. You do not have to answer any questions officers ask you if you are under arrest. Officers can only perform a search of your person or property if they have a warrant or have reason to believe a crime has taken place. You always have the right to tell officers that you do not consent to a search of your person or property. If officers do so anyway, don’t resist them, but take note, tell them that you do not consent, and speak to your lawyer.

If you have been offered a plea for your misdemeanor, you may be tempted to take the offer of a deal to avoid trial, or to receive a guaranteed lesser sentence. However, pleading guilty to a crime can come with serious collateral consequences. Before you take any action, consider speaking today to the Law Office of Donald A. Lykkebak, an Orlando, Florida law firm. Mr. Lykkebak can review your case and help you with the next steps. Let him speak for you.