We recognize that any criminal charge can have a drastic impact on a person’s life and future happiness. Clients trust Mr. Lykkebak to shoulder this responsibility for them. Donald Lykkebak applies the same level of preparation, skill and focus to every case, whether large or small.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Donald Lykkebak limits his practice to criminal defense. He appears in all state courts in Florida and federal courts throughout the United States. His experience and preparation allows him to accept any criminal case.

If Mr. Lykkebak agrees to represent you, you can be sure that he will do the work himself. It will not be passed along to a young and possibly inexperienced associate. We believe that representation in a criminal case is personal. Clients expect the attorney that they hired to do the work and to be with them in court.

Donald Lykkebak is a board certified criminal trial lawyer and so designated by The Florida Bar and the National Board of Legal Specialty Certification. What does that really mean to the client? To provide a comparison: If you were sick and needed open heart surgery, you wouldn’t let your family physician do it. You would hire a heart surgeon. As it is with medicine, the same is true with law. A criminal case should have the attention of a specialist. Donald Lykkebak does not accept divorces, real estate transactions, landlord/tenant or other non-criminal legal problems routinely handled by non-specialists lacking board certification.

If your case requires a private investigator to identify and interview witnesses, this law office is connected with some of the best available. In the event that your problem needs the attention of an expert witness, we have relationships with forensic consultants, physicians, and other experts as may be necessary to provide a complete defense.

Donald Lykkebak has always maintained his office in Orange County, Florida. He is quite comfortable in any court within the greater Orlando area. He frequently appears in Osceola and Seminole County Circuit Courts as well as in Lake, Volusia and Brevard.
Mr. Lykkebak is admitted to practice in all Federal Courts. If your case is a Federal charge, he has experience all over the country and in Florida, from Jacksonville to Pensacola, Tampa, Miami and Key West. We are quite willing to travel and have done so many times.

Civil Injunctions

Often alleged domestic violence or a battery charge can lead to a petition for a civil injunction. This is an Order entered by the Court restricting contact, communication and residence of the parties. First, a temporary restraining Order is entered without hearing. A full hearing is then immediately scheduled to determine whether a permanent injunction is permitted.
Whenever possible, it is very important to avoid imposition of a permanent injunction. Because the nature of the accusation made by the petitioner is a criminal one (usually battery or stalking) Donald Lykkebak frequently represents people who need protection from the injunction process. He treats these cases with the serious attention they require. Hearings are usually set on very short notice. Therefore, you need an experienced lawyer already well-acquainted with the process.

Juvenile Dependency

Because of his long history representing people accused in criminal cases, Mr. Lykkebak has frequently appeared in juvenile dependency matters as lawyer for parents or grandparents. The issues presented in a dependency often mirror claims found in a criminal accusation. Usually, abuse, neglect or abandonment is alleged by the State agency. The Court will schedule a hearing quickly. Often this is within 24 hours. Decisions regarding placement of the child or children are often made then. The family needs a strong advocate with experience like Donald Lykkebak. Do not wait to request an appointment.